$30m geothermal greenhouse investment kicked off in Kirsehir, Turkey

Greenhouse operations, Turkey (source: flickr/ Tom Ballard, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 26 Mar 2019

The development of a $30 million geothermal greenhouse operations project has been kicked off in Kirsehir, Turkey. The project of planned around 477 hectares will significantly increase Turkey's geothermal greenhouse operations.

A geothermal greenhouse development has been kicked off in Kirsehir, Turkey, as reported by Anadolu Agency. The project is developing a greenhouse on 477 hectares of land in Karakurt village of Kirsehir.

Speaking at the ceremony and after the announcement of Ahi Evran University (AEU) geothermal and agriculture as a pilot university expressing a serious interest in this field, the Governor Ibrahim Akin, said: that the development will help the local economy and the products produced will increase our presence in the domestic market and increase our foreign exchange assets in the case of exports. Ür

Kirsehir and health management of geothermal resources as well as underlining the point that it has a significant potential in greenhouse, JKBB and Kirsehir Mayor Yasar Bahceci said “This investment is extremely valuable for Turkey and Kirsehir. Currently there are 4,300 hectares in total installed geothermal greenhouse area of ??Turkey. Here we make a significant investment in investment size, corresponding to almost 8 percent in Turkey. “found in the descriptions.

The greenhouse is expected to employ 400 people.

Source: Anadoly Agency via Jeotermalhaberler