4 days remaining for GDF submissions under pre-qualified Call for Proposals

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Alexander Richter 26 Jul 2018

The Geothermal Development Facility program (GDF) has reminded pre-qualified bidders of the pending deadline for the submission under the call of proposals for funding to help mitigate risk in their geothermal development.

The Geothermal Development Facility (GDF) for Latin America has reminded pre-qualified parties on the deadline for submissions under the call for proposals in the application phase. This applies to parties that have passed the pre-qualification process, as described below.

There only 4 days remaining, with exact date being likely part of your application package and communication from GDF.

GDF will provide grants to developers through a competitive, transparent, and rigorous two-stage application process. This comprises a pre-application Expression of Interest (EOI), as well as a full Call for Proposal (CFP) application phase for each grant type: Surface Studies or Drilling activity. The entire application process and procedure is performed online. Submission forms are completed online and, due to donor procurement guidelines, confirmed by the Applicant with executed hard copies.

Pre-qualification Phase

The first stage of the application procedure is an open prequalification process inviting potential applicants to submit their Expressions of Interest (EOI) within a specified period. The EOI is submitted on-line following instructions an applicant receives via email following completion of the sign-up survey. As an applicant, you can submit multiple EOIs for different eligible activities or projects. Applicants whose surface studies were funded in one application round can apply for exploration drilling programs in one of the next application rounds without resubmitting an EOI. EOIs that score over a certain threshold (70%) successfully pass the pre-qualification phase and will be short-listed and invited to submit a full proposal in the CFP phase.

CFP Phase – current phase with pending deadline.

In the second stage, applications from short-listed applicants will be accepted within a specified period of time. Applications that score over a certain threshold (70%) and are recommended for funding may be invited to enter into contract negotiations with the Fund Managers for funding of their proposed project activities.

Grant Agreements

In the case of a successful negotiation, the Grant Agreements will be concluded between GDF and the Applicant. The Grant Agreements set requirements for the follow-up monitoring and reporting of the activities as well as specifications on the disbursement of grant funds. Contingent grant agreements also include success payback criteria.

Source: GDF and GDF email (July 25, 2018)