9th Intl Geothermal Conference in Freiburg releases program

Keynote presentation at the IGC 2011, Freiburg/ Germany (source: Enerchange)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 18 Mar 2013

The 9th International Geothermal Conference to take place in Freiburg, Germany May 15-17, 2013 has published a broad program of topics presented by key industry representatives.

In a release last week, the organizers of the 9th International Geothermal Conference in Freiburg, Germany announced the programme of which provides a broad range of topics and interesting new offers.

This year’s International Geothermal Conference – already successful in the ninth year – will take place from May 15th to 17th in Freiburg Germany. Due to a broad variety of Workshops and Discussion Forums the IGC 2013 gives a widespread overview on the developments of low-enthalpy geothermal development in Middle Europe. The key topics of the today published programme are operational experiences, cost efficiency, the actual political framework and the development of geothermal projects in the Upper Rhine Valley in France and Germany. Over 50 speakers from all over the world have confirmed their participation.

The well-established meeting in Freiburg, Germany, is one of the key dates in each geothermal calendar. Between May 15th and 17th, 2013 the IGC offers comprehensive insights in different aspects of the utilization of geothermal energy. Over 50 international experts come to Freiburg to present their newest ideas and developments for the geothermal business. An early bird special discount is available until March 15th.

On the first day of the IGC 2013 topics like power plant technology, modeling and international projects and the development of the geothermal energy in the Upper Rhine Valley are in the focus. The latter will combine similar to last year’s Upper Rhine Forum, that joined over 100 participants, the experiences with geothermal energy from both sides of the Rhine. In addition to the political framework that is presented by Jan-Luc Sadorge and Xavier Arnoult from the DREAL also actual projects are presented. One project is the LABEX, a scientific program to support industry, presented by Prof. Dr. Jean Schmittbuhl, the other is a closer look to the potentials of the Upper Rhine Valley by Dr. Gunther Wirsing from the Baden-Wuerttemberg state office for Geology, Raw Materials and Mining. Geothermal projects will be shown by Guerric Villadangos from ÉS Énergies Strasbourg and Dr. Ulrich Lotz from the company Geoenergy in Karlsruhe. Villadangos will present first experiences from the ECOGI projects in the Alsace and give an outlook on further projects while Lotz will speak about the project in Bruehl in Baden-Wuerttemberg and herein experiences with the German authorities.

On the following day, the IGC 2013 will reach its highlight with the German/English simultaneous translated Congress. The beginning will be as every year by some Key Notes,  addressing current topics. So Dietmar Schuetz, President of the German Renewable Energy Federation will speak about the effects of the changes in the German Renewable Energies Source Act and Prof. Dr. Peter Wiedemann from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) will present his experiences in the risk communication and the lessons that geothermal energy can deduce from it. The Key Notes are followed by two parallel Discussion Forums that pay attention to the preconditions for succesful operation of geothermal plants and on Geology and drilling technology. Among others, Dr. Joerg Baumgaertner from Bestec will conclude the experiences after half a year of operational experience in the Upper Rhine Graben in the new power plant at Insheim and Mark Lafogler will take a closer look on the experiences from the Bavarian Molasse Basin, focusing the geothermal plant in Pullach.

A completely new event is the „Speakers Corner“ during the lunch break. Here scientists have the possibility to present shortly their new developments, so to say from since to application. In with the KIT and the Steinbeis-Transfer Center Geoenergy and Reservoir Technology Dr. Eva Schill will present the new developments.

After noon big industry is invited to present two Key Notes: the EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg will present their concept for optimisation of geothermal plants just before the company Linde will give their premiere: For the first time the company will introduce their concept for turn-key power plants, relating to the economic and technical Options for the realisation of geothermal power plants.

The Key Notes are followed again by two discussion Forums. The first, namely the Forum III, will take a look on the future development: In Geothermal 2020 experts will have a look on the possibilities of increasing the efficiency and upscaling of geothermal projects. Parallel to Forum III the exchange of experiences referred to Seismicity is discussed in English in Forum IV. Here Thomas Kohl from the KIT, Dirk Kraaijpoel from the national Dutch Institute KNMI and Steve Miller from the University of Bonn are invited as well as Christian Boennemann from the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR). The Dutch Contribution will take a look on the experiences in the Oil and Gas Industry in the Netherlands.

On the third Day IGC 2013 in Freiburg will show some practical experiences. Besides the IGC-traditional offer to visit the power plant in Soultz-sous-Forêts in France, Enerchange is proud to present for the first time the geothermal power plant in Bruchsal of the EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg. At the Bruchsal site one of the two Kalina power plants, that are in operation in Germany is running and producing energy since last year.

The IGC is organized by the agency Enerchange. The economic development and marketing company of Freiburg, the Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG (FWTM) is co-organiser. Patron of the conference is the Federal Environmental Ministry. Among others the Wirtschaftsforum Geothermie, the Swiss and the German Geothermal Association are co-operation partners of IGC 2013.”

More details can be found on the conference website.