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Founded in late 2008, the key mission of ThinkGeoEnergy.com is to be the most reliable, one-stop source for independent and objective geothermal industry news and business information. ThinkGeoEnergy also acts as a geothermal energy focused advisory firm working for corporate clients on strategic, marketing and corporate finance related activities within the geothermal energy sector but also for clients that want to enter that market. Details via “Services”.

ThinkGeoEnergy.com was created to provide a place to post industry news, e.g. deals, project and international development, the site has established itself as the leading website for news focused on the geothermal power and large scale direct industry. The site has seen a transformation with the launch of the new re-designed website in September 2012, that introduced the Geothermal Business & Supplier Directory, the Geothermal Power Plants Map & Directory and additional services offered to international clients.

In May 2012, ThinkGeoEnergy started PiensaEnGeotermia, a Spanish language sister site at www.piensageotermia.com, to meet the demand for geothermal material and news in Spanish. This way we have extend our reach and do our part to serve a growing Latin American geothermal energy market.

In September 2013, ThinkGeoEnergy launched the Think GEOENERGY Magazine, a bi-annual paper publication. Details at: magazine.thinkgeoenergy.com

Additional elements to the site’s offerings are planned., including a print version of ThinkGeoEnergy in magazine format.
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AlexRichter_80x80Alexander Richter founded ThinkGeoEnergy in late 2008. He is a Director on the Board of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) for the term of 2013-2016. He is also Director-at-Large on the Board of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA), and has been a spokesperson for geothermal energy at many of the major geothermal and renewable energy events internationally. Previously he was a founding member of the first and only geothermal energy focused investment banking team at Icelandic bank Glitnir (now Íslandsbanki). There he was leading the team’s research efforts and worked on business development with clients globally from 2005 to 2011. He has been a spokesperson for geothermal energy at many of the major geothermal and renewable energy events internationally. Alex is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.


FranciscoRojasFrancisco Rojas re-joined ThinkGeoEnergy in May 2014 after already working with us as an intern for four months last year. Francisco has a strong background in international business research and has already proven to be a great addition to the team. His focus is on news coverage, research and business development.


AgustaYr_webÁgústa Ýr Thorbergsdóttir joined ThinkGeoEnergy in October 2013, as  Senior Consultant. She has a strong background in international funding and strategic work with European agencies. She worked over ten years at the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as a Senior Country Officer in the Financial Mechanism Office. She is working with ThinkGeoEnergy on consultancy and business development internationally for clients in the global geothermal energy industry.


Various other individuals are supporting ThinkGeoEnergy through their advice, articles and general research.


“ThinkGeoEnergy is the premier resource for accurate, timely, and up-to-date geothermal status updates on current global geothermal companies, news, and events.  It has positively impacted my business development activities, and I not only devour each issue, but count on the data for planning and keeping my corporate leadership informed.  Thank you.”, Halley Dickey, Director Geothermal Business Development, TAS Energy, United States

“Think GeoEnergy provides us since they went online as a unique source of information with very recent and always important news around the Global Geothermal Market. ThinkGeoEnergy addresses the major stakeholders in this emerging industry as there are Investors, project developers, geological and engineering consultants and the important executing companies for reservoir development (drilling and stimulation) and power plants.

Advertising on Think GeoEnergy is of course not only important but necessary for us as being present on this major platform where all participants in the Geothermal Industry are brought together will offer us interesting and promising contacts to bring our own Geothermal Business strictly forward.”, Jörg Uhde, Head of Geothermal, Axpo AG, Switzerland


ThinkGeoEnergy works together with a number of players in a cooperative partnership to provide up-to-date news about the sector and providing insights into the global geothermal energy sector.


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LinkedIn: ThinkGeoEnergy maintains a business network with various features and more via this business network website.

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Twitter: As this site is one of the social media tools for news and more ThinkGeoEnergy also maintains a presence with the site’s news and more.

Flickr: ThinkGeoEnergy posts pictures from events, plants and more, to provide your own pics to the community post them via the ThinkGeoEnergy Group.

YouTube: ThinkGeoEnergy tries to collect and tape videos at events, plants etc. Hook up there and connect if you see some good videos interesting to the community.

Slideshare: This site provides presentations and documents. Without own presentations as of now, use the link to see ThinkGeoEnergy’s favorites on the site.

ISSUU: This website is more a document repository for good design, magazines and more. ThinkGeoEnergy is here as well and will use this site to post documents of interest.


Media Partnerships

ThinkGeoEnergy maintains media partnerships with geothermal organizations and trade associations, as well as conferences world-wide. The general goal is to inform the general public and interested parties to follow what is going on in the industry and what are current topics and discussions. Details about events and the involvement of ThinkGeoEnergy can be found with the “Events“-page.

ThinkGeoEnergy is always working on further cooperations which will extend the reach and opportunities for the site. Should be interested in partnering with ThinkGeoEnergy, please use the contact form of the site or send an e-mail to alex [at] thinkgeoenergy.com