Al Jazeera on the example of Kenya’s geothermal power to the world

Video screenshot (source: Al Jazeera)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 9 Dec 2018

TV station Al Jazeera highlights how geothermal energy for power generation in Kenya could serve as a great example for the big emitters in the world in the context of the climate talks at COP24 in Poland.

In a TV piece published on its website, Al Jazeera highlights how Kenya, Africa’s largest geothermal energy producer, sets an example for the world’s biggest polluters.

Reporting in the context of the recent groundbreaking of the Olkaria I Unit 6 project, the report discusses how important geothermal energy has become for Kenya and how it could further help to reduce carbon emissions.

Despite ongoing use of charcoal and diesel for transportation, Kenya should be an example to the world’s big emitters in the context of the ongoing climate talks during the COP24 summit in Poland.


Source: Al Jazeera