Alex Richter interviewed by Radio New Zealand on geothermal

Rotorua geothermal spring, New Zealand (source: flickr/ Stuck in Customs, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 29 Jun 2015

Alexander Richter talks about renewable energy and geothermal in NZ and Iceland with Wallace Chapman on the Sunday Morning Show

Aired on the Sunday morning show this past weekend, this interview with Alex Richter from TGE was actually taken last April. Though the interviewer, Wallace Chapman is showcasing Iceland and their prowess in renewable energy, it is though a bit more on New Zealand’s geothermal sector than the title gives away.

From ThinkGeoEnergy we would like to thank Contact Energy Ltd for the great tour of the geothermal plants of Te Mihi, Ohaaki back in April and the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise for the great collaboration during and after the World Geothermal Congress 2015.

Source: Radio New Zealand National