Avoiding CO2 Emissions & Environmental Impact – special IGC Turkey forum, 15 March 2018

World Bank workshop at IGC Turkey 2017, Izmir (Source: IGC Turkey)
Alexander Richter 5 Mar 2018

The upcoming IGC Turkey geothermal congress 14-15 March 2018 will feature a special forum on avoiding CO2 and environmental impact of geothermal projects.

Further details on the program of the upcoming IGC Turkey geothermal congress are being released.

As part of a full fledged program covering a wide array of topics (for the full program see here), a special forum will focus on “Avoiding CO2 emissions & environmental impact” of geothermal energy projects.

The issue of environmental impact and also emissions are increasingly topics being discussed in connection with the development of geothermal projects

The following are the presentations given

  • Geothermal Sustainability Assessment Protocol (GSAP), Alexander Richter, IGA
  • Environmental Impact Assessment in Geothermal Energy Applications, Ceren Göl, Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning (Turkey)
  • Tackling CO2 and Environmental Issues in Turkish Geothermal Sector, Deniz Yurtsever – EBRD
  • Injection of Non Condensible Gases in Geothermal Reservoirs: Case Study, Prof. Dr. Serhat Akin, Middle East Technical University ?smet Yüceta?


Disclaimer: I am one of the presenters in this session.