Berkeley Lab scientists develop software helping in evaluation of geothermal sites

Library in Berkeley, California (source: flickr/ giuliana_miranda, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 8 Jul 2014

Berkeley Lab scientists have developed a new software program that is based on an tried and tested technology called solute geothermometry and now infused with hi-tech, aiming at providing better and more accurate results.

Providing an accurate measurement of the temperature of the water in a reservoir is tricky and costly, but thanks to a new program created by Berkeley Lab scientists might be easy this hurdle.

According to the news release, this new software is “called GeoT, which calculates a deep reservoir’s temperature by starting with the concentrations of dissolved salts in a fluid sample obtained at the surface, such as from a hot spring. It then reconstructs the data to reflect what the water composition would be in a deep geothermal reservoir, which can be one kilometer underground.Because the solubility of a mineral is a function of temperature, this reconstruction can indicate the temperature of the subsurface reservoir.”

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Source: Berkeley Lab News Center Website