Bolivia starts inital steps in 50 MW Laguna Colorada project

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia (source: flickr/ rewbs.soal, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 7 Sep 2013

Bolivian state power firm Ende is preparing an international tender for geothermal reservoir modelling as part of a first stage 50 MW development in the Laguna Colorada project in Bolivia.

News from South America report, that Bolivia’s Laguna Colorada project is now being scheduled to commence with an expected operation start for 2018.

The project is lead by state power company ENDE in the Sol de Mañana field in Potosí department with a first stage of a 50 MW development with 50 MW to be then added in a second stage.

The company is currently drafting a well test report, which will be the basis for an international tender for a geothermal reservoir modelling study.

Bolivia authorities have penciled in 2018 for the start of the country’s first geothermal power plant.

Ende is seeking a loan agreement with the development bank of Japan for 2.25 billion Boliviano ($323 million). The project is supported by the Japan International Cooperation Agency through donation of equipment and machinery for initial project work.

Source: BN Americas