California pushes renewable energy with potentially up to 1,700MW new geothermal capacity

Bottle Rock Power geothermal power plant at Cobb Mountain, California (source: Bottle Rock Power)
Carlo Cariaga 2 May 2019

After a 5-0 vote, the California Public Utilities Commission has elected to adopt a Preferred Systems Portfolio aiming to produce 12 GW of renewable energy by 2030, 1700 MW of which will come from geothermal resources.

In its vote to adopt a Preferred System Portfolio, the California Public Utility Commission is pushing a strong renewable energy agenda.

The planned portfolio includes up to 12,000 MW of new solar, wind, battery storage and geothermal power generation capacity that the state will need to procure by 2030 to meet ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals.

As part of the planned 12 GW in new renewable energy additions, 1,700 MW of new geothermal power generation capacity will have to be developed. This means that California would add more than 60% in capacity to existing geothermal power plants.

For the full details of the report released by the California Public Utility Commission, you may follow this link.

Source: Utility Dive