CanGEA Geothermal Power Forum Calgary, Nov. 4, 2011 to bring together oil and geothermal

Calgary skyline with Saddle Dome, Calgary, Alberta (source: flickr/ Stephen Desroches, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 7 Oct 2011

CanGEA's annual Geothermal Power Forum and Networking event in Calgary on November 4, 2011 will bring together representatives from the oil & gas and geothermal industries to discuss collaboration, cooperation and investment opportunities in the geothermal energy space.

The Canadian Geothermal Energy Association is inviting to its Annual Geothermal Power Forum and Networking event in Calgary, November 4, 2011.

The last few weeks have seen a number of articles and columns written on the geothermal potential of Canada in Canadian news. This interest by several media outlets and the general public follows a report by the Geological Survey of Canada released earlier this year that highlights the “enormous geothermal energy resources that could supply Canada with a renewable and clean source of power”.

So with those great geothermal resources, the important thing is now to start the development of projects that help utilize the great potential to provide reliable, renewable base-load power to Canadians.

With a very successful and experience natural resource sector in Canada, last but not least in the oil & gas sector, Canadian geothermal development could tap into a great pool of experience, know-how and financial backing. So it is with great pleasure that the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) invites to its annual Geothermal Power Forum in Calgary, Alberta – November 4, 2011. Registration is open at with immediate registration discounts available until and with October 7, 2011.

The event will bring together geothermal companies and companies from the oil & gas sector in Canada to discuss business opportunities and current development. Experiences, know-how and technologies applied and used in the oil sector can also be applied for geothermal development, so this event provides a meeting point for both industries.

“Today, several Canadian oil and gas companies are involved directly and indirectly in R&D efforts for utilizing existing technologies for providing geothermal power to Canadians, so it is with great pleasure that we are able to hold our annual Geothermal Power Forum in Calgary”, so Alexander Richter, Director – Canadian Geothermal Energy Association.

The event will be held in conjunction with Global Clean Energy Congress ( taking place November 1-3, 2011 in Calgary, where CanGEA will be represented through a booth and member companies, including Alterra Power and Borealis GeoPower. To utilize a discount for this event please use CanGEA’s promo code: GCE3U

The CanGEA event on November 4th will then provide more detail than our representation at this all-renewable energy congress the previous days will can. Topics discussed will be the geothermal potential in Canada as highlighted in the report by the Geological Survey, the geothermal energy potential within oil and gas operations, the Canadian Geothermal Reporting Code, geothermal development and investment/ partnership opportunities, as well as a look into the activities of geothermal service providers.

The event provides a unique opportunity to meet the key players combining geothermal and oil/ gas sector expertise to develop the plentiful business opportunities that geothermal energy development could provide to the Canadian energy mix.

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