CanGEA offers advisory services to help unlock geothermal in Canada

CanGEA opening the Toronto Stock Exchange, September 14, 2011 (source: TMX Group)
Francisco Rojas 26 Jun 2014

CanGEA, following its mission to expand geothermal services in Canada. In order to do so, it has stated that it will be providing a holistic and wide ranging advisory services to all parties involved in the country's geothermal industry.

In a recent press release, the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association (CanGEA) is now providing advisory services to decision makers at the community level and in the corporate, public, First Nations and non-profit sectors to uncover new sources of value in our rapidly changing economy with geothermal power and heat.

It is CanGEA’s mission to empower Canadian companies and communities to take advantage of our readily available geothermal resources by delivering customized information to interested players, and aiding with long term business planning and success.

CanGEA is available to answer industry related questions for those considering entering the geothermal market, namely: Power and Direct Use of Heat Project Feasibility; Funding and Partnership Opportunities; Navigating through Canadian Geothermal Policy; Market Potential Analysis; Community Outreach; Technology Transfer Options, as well as Entrepreneurial Opportunities.

Our Advisory Team Leader, Alison Thompson, will draw upon CanGEA’s vast network and on her range of engineering, management, policy and market expertise to create economic, environmental and social value. CanGEA applies a holistic approach to determine your fit with the geothermal industry.

“Drivers ranging from regulation, investor activism and changing consumer behaviour to the need for innovation, operational efficiency and fundamental enterprise cost reduction are putting climate change, carbon management, corporate responsibility, clean technology and the changing energy landscape squarely on the corporate agenda. If you don’t get in front of these trends, your competition surely will.”
— Deloitte, a leading consulting practice

Be at the forefront of the energy transition toward renewable, diverse, distributed, resilient electricity systems with geothermal power and heat. Together, we can help you adapt and succeed in the emerging Canadian energy industry.

Source: CanGEA Website Press Release