Capturing CO2 emissions – what are technical solutions for geothermal operations?

Well testing at Kocaköy project, Turkey (source: Transmark)
Alexander Richter 9 Nov 2017

Depending on location, geothermal operations sometimes face a challenge of higher CO2 emissions. With three main technical options to deal with that challenge, do you know any technical papers or publications that deal with that?

Geothermal energy, as a sustainable source of energy, depending on location faces challenges with regards to CO2 emissions. Certain regions seem to have more CO2 in geothermal reservoirs than others. One of the countries facing that challenge is Turkey.

There are three technical options that can help tackle this challenge:

  • avoid degassing by keeping the operating pressure sufficient high and re-injecting the brine including the dissolved CO2
  • allow degassing and accepting multiphase flow (liquid and CO2), dissolve the CO2 again before injection by increasing the pressure using an injection pump
  • allow degassing and accepting multiphase flow, but pumping the CO2 back to reservoir by using an extra injection pipe

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