CEL to invest $330m in Chinameca 3 geothermal project, El Salvador

Santa Tecla y volcán de San Salvador (Source: Flickr, CC, By: Diego Brito)
Francisco Rojas 6 Jul 2015

The new geothermal field located in Chinameca is expected to provide 50 MW of power by 2019.

It seems that El Salvador is gaining momentum in geothermal development, since the Executive Hydroelectric Commission of Rio Lempa (CEL) in the country will be investing $330 million in the following years in the newly inaugurated geothermal field of Chinameca in San Miguel.

During the inaugural ceremony held last week, CEL’s president, David López Villafuerte mentioned that the development of the geothermal field is moving forward and to date they have drilled about five wells in the area. Another seven will be needed according to LaGeo, developer of this project, since they expect to generate 50MW of power in 2019.

The President of CEL also shared that the cost of research for each geothermal well ranges between $ 6m and $ 7m and have temperatures ranging between 225 and 240 degrees Celsius, drilled at a depth between 1,800 and 2,000 meters.

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Source: El Mundo