Community Choice Aggregators include geothermal in ambitious targets in California

Snapshot of CalCCA PPAs map in California (source: CalCCA)
Alexander Richter 11 Nov 2019

As part of a larger 10,000 MW target of new clean energy capacity by 2030, California Community Choice Aggregators also include geothermal as part of their procurement target.

The California Community Choice Association (CalCCA), is based on a model allowing communities to join together to purchase electricity on behalf of their community members. The CalCCA member program has a track record of delivering savings on customers’ electric bills while providing clean power to the grid.

In a release last week, CalCCA announced that it had hit the 3,000 MW mark for new long-term clean energy contracts. The Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) in the state have in one year added another 1,000 MW in long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with new renewable energy projects, bringing the grand total of new-build contracts signed to 3,195 MW. The achievement reflects the strength of the CCA commitment to advancing clean energy, economic development and green jobs throughout California.

The new PPAs currently do not include PPAs with geothermal operators in the state. But aggregators have targeted long-term investments in more than 10,000 MW of new clean energy resources, including solar, wind, geothermal and energy storage by 2030.

So CalCCA members are an option for geothermal developers and operators in California for power purchase agreements.

Source: California Community Choice Association (CalCCA)