Construction of 25 MW Te Ahi o Maui geothermal plant in New Zealand nearly completed

Te Ahi o Maui geothermla plant, Kawerau, NZ (source: Eastland Group)
Alexander Richter 26 Jul 2018

Eastland Group reports that construction is about completed for its 25 MW Te Ahi o Maui geothermal power plant near Kawerau, New Zealand. With the plant New Zealand is about to join the 1 GW Geothermal Country Club again.

Reported locally in New Zealand, the construction of the Te Ahi o Maui geothermal power plant  of Eastland Group’s Te Ahi O Maui geothermal power station, near Kawerau is about to be completed.

The commissioning is around the corner, with the company being on schedule of the planned start towards the end of 2018.

With an installed capacity of 25 MW and estimated production of 210 GWh/ year, the overall development cost is estimated at around NZD 121 million (USD 82 million), with an increased annual earning for the company of around NZ$10 million (around USD 6.8 million), according to chief executive Matt Todd.

The power plant is owned to 94% by Eastland Group, with the land-owning parter A8D Ahu Whenua Maori Trust owning 6 percent.

Eastland Group signed an EPC contract for the construction of the plant with Ormat Technologies back in May 2016, as we reported.

With the plant going online, it will push New Zealand’s total installed geothermal power generation capacity to 1,005 MW and back into the Global 1 GW geothermal country club.

Source: Gisborne Herold, Eastland Group, Project website