Continued growth for ThinkGeoEnergy in 2014

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Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 6 Jan 2015

ThinkGeoEnergy continues its growth in 2014. With more than 330,000 page views (450,000 incl. our other presence) for the year, we have been able to increase our readership by more than 15% year-on-year and have nearly doubled our subscriber base.

As in previous years, we wanted to share a few key highlights of this past year for ThinkGeoEnergy. The site continues to bring its readers curated geothermal news from all over the world, with a focus on geothermal power and large-scale direct use.

We will soon share with you some details on developments related to our activities but will do this in a separate post soon. For now here a few key highlights.

Website Visitors 



In 2014, ThinkGeoEnergy has been able to increase its readership significantly. With an increase of 15% in , we have now between 600 and 850 visitors to the site on a daily basis. With more than 330,000 page views this past year, we are the most read news site for the sector.

Our visitors this year came from 219 countries (political entities). The top 10 countries are: U.S. (22%), Philippines (6.5%), Kenya (5.6%), UK (5.6%), Indonesia (5.0%), Canada (3.8%), India (3.8%), Iceland (3.7%), Australia (3.4%) and Germany (3.4%).

Visitors from the following countries have increased the most over 2013: Turkey (66.5%), Netherlands (60.2%), Indonesia (53.6%), Philippines (52.7%), France (44.5%) and Kenya (41.0%).

For our combined web presence with, our map and other content, we have been able to attract in excess of 160,000 visitors and page views of more than 450,000.


Our weekly newsletter sent out every Thursday morning covers an overview of all news posted on and PiensaGeotermia. If you have not signed up you can sign up here for ThinkGeoEnergy and here for PiensaGeotermia.

With a combined subscriber list of 2,273 at the end of 2014 we have been able to increase our subscriber base by 98%.

ThinkGeoEnergy increased 70% to 1,731 subscribers and PiensaGeotermia 460% to 542 subscribers.

LinkedIn Group

Our LinkedIn Group has been one of the most active geothermal discussion forums on LinkedIn and continues to grow. With now more than 2,000 members it also represents one of the top 3 geothermal groups on LinkedIn. Join here if you haven’t done so yet. It features as a lively platform for discussions on a variety of topics related to geothermal development.