Crowdfunding campaign for UK geothermal project getting off great start

Screenshot of United Downs Deep Geothermal Project page on Abundance crowdfunding platform
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 26 Jul 2017

UK geothermal project successfully kicks off one of the first crowdfunding campaigns for a geothermal project, having so far raised about 54% of its funding goal of around USD 5.4 million.

In likely one of the first crowdfunding campaigns by a geothermal developer, the United Downs Geothermal Project has already successfully raise GBP 2.4 million (around $2.93 million) or around 54% of its funding goal of GBP 4.4 million or $5.4 million.

This crowdfunding campaign is for a secured construction bond for a 18 month term, with capital and interest paid at maturity on 31 March 2019.

Source: Abundance Investment

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