Data from large scale seismic survey between Utrecht and Almere, Netherlands now available

Seismic study at Königsberg, Bavaria/ Germany (source: A.I.R. Geokraft)
Alexander Richter 23 Aug 2019

Following a large scale seismic survey by EBN between Utrecht and Almere in the Netherlands, the collected raw data has now been made available via the NLOG database, with processed data to be made available in October 2019.

In February 2019, SCAN’s first seismic survey took place between Utrecht and Almere. The collected data is carefully analyzed in order to be able to use the data optimally for the efficient organization of the continuation of the seismic survey.

The raw data from this research line is now available and can be retrieved from the NLOG database.

The processed data, or ‘processed data’, of this test line is expected to be ready at the beginning of October and will therefore be made available via this route. This processed data provides insight into the structure and structure of the earth layers and the potential of geothermal heat in the area investigated. It also provides important insights for the efficient organization of the follow-up of seismic surveys in the rest of the country.

In September the seismic investigation will be continued in the central Netherlands on the Nijmegen-Haarlem axis. The first line of research runs between Sint-Michielsgestel and Bronckhorst. The line runs through a total of 13 municipalities and the work is expected to be completed at the beginning of October.

Preparations for the work and environmental communication are currently being prepared with the municipalities involved. These are Sint-Michielsgestel, Meijerijstad, Bernheze, Oss, Wijchen. Beuningen, Overbetuwe, Lingewaard, Westervoort, Zevenaar, Arnhem, Rheden and Bronckhorst.

Source: EBN