Details on CO2 project in Iceland

Well heads at Hellisheidi power plant of Reykjavik Energy (source: flickr/thinkgeonergy, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 29 Jul 2014

Geologist Juerg Matter of the University of Southampton is interviewed by Slate and talks about project CarbFix and how to capture CO2 emissions underground.

In a recent interview in Slate Magazine, Geologist Juerg Matter of the University of Southampton, U.K talks about the Iceland-based project CarbFix that is aiming at being an effective measure to capture CO2 emissions from a geothermal power plant and storing the greenhouse gas underground, with the idea of eventually making it a carbon neutral energy source.

So far, the project has only been done on a small scale but there are ambitions to take this into a full-blown project to make a viable option for effective carbon storage.

To read the full interview, please follow the link bellow:

Source: Slate Website