Drilling kicked of for Jaboi geothermal project by Sabang Geothermal Energi, Aceh Province, Indonesia

Bay Sabang, Indonesia (source: flickr/ hartanto, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 5 Jun 2018

Work on the Jaboi geothermal project by PT Sabang Geothermal Energi in Aceh Province, Indonesia has officially started with the kick off of drilling activities.

With initial announcements on a drilling start last year, it is now reported that PT Sabang Geothermal Energi (SGE), started to work on the Sabang/ Jaboi geothermal exploitation project in Jaboi village, Sukajaya district, Sabang city in Aceh Province.

The start of drilling was marked by the ceremony on site of the project at Bumi Sabang in Jaboi Village. The thanksgiving event was attended by the Governor of Aceh represented by the Expert Staff Gub Aceh Bid Economic Finance and Development Ir Iskandar Syukri MM MT.

The ceremony was also attended by Forkopimda Sabang, community leaders and PT SGE managers.

The realization of the drilling is proof of PT SGE’s seriousness to exploit the geothermal of Sabang. “Sabang geothermal is part of the fulfillment of renewable energy in Aceh, which can later be used for electric energy though,” said Ir Iskandar Syukri of PT SGE.

Source: Aceh, Tribun News