Dutch-Danish cooperation on geothermal district heating project in the Netherlands

Early winter morning at a canal in Groningen, Netherlands (source: flickr/ Bert Kaufmann, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 18 Oct 2016

Dutch engineering firm IF Technology and Denmark-based Ross Offshore DK are partnering on servicing an ambitious geothermal district heating project in Groningen, Netherlands.

In an announcement on its website, Dutch engineering firm IF Technology reports it has joined forces with Danish Ross Offshore DK (subsidiary of Norwegian Ross Offshore) in the field of engineering and management of geothermal drilling projects.

Ross Offshore DK announced earlier this month having won the drilling management contract for WarmteStad (Heat City), a large-scale geothermal district heating project in Zernike in Groningen, Netherlands.

Both firms aim to combine their expertise for the work on this project together with the experts of WarmteStad (Thermal City). Specifically, the partners aim to work on drilling, well management and engineering. The expectation is that the geothermal project is realized between late 2017 and early 2018.

WarmteStad Groningen is developing a geothermal doublet to supply the city of Groningen with district heating based on green energy. The district heating system in Groningen is being developed concurrently with the geothermal system.

The geothermal doublet will produce from a reservoir at 3,400m depth, with 120 degrees Celsius temperature brine and at 200 m3 /h.

Lars Andersen, Ross DK A/S says “WarmteStad Groningen is making a change – going from a natural gas based heating system to a district heating based system based on green geothermal energy as source. Together with WarmteStad and our project partner IF Technology BV we will develop a sustainable supply of green energy for decades to come”.

WarmteStad (‘HeatCity’) is a joint initiative of the Water Company Groningen and Groningen municipality. WarmteStad provides Groningen and businesses of renewable heat (in winter) and cold (in summer). The main goal is an energy-neutral Groningen in 2035. The WarmteStad projects contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

After a European tender in the summer heat City finally awarded the contract in September 2016 and are experts IF Technology and Ross Offshore DK on their design and implementation team.Together, the team of City Heat, IF Technology and Ross Offshore DK perform the drilling management and well engineering. To produce in 2016 geothermal heat.

” We envision geothermal energy to providence us with energy for years to come.” Dick Janssen, Managing Director of Thermal City Groningen.

For IF Technology ( ) and Ross Offshore DK ( the Heat City choice is proof that their unique collaboration will be recognized in the field of geothermal projects by the market. IF Technology and Ross Offshore DK have over 100 qualified and experienced staff with any question in the field of geology, reservoir modelling, well design, borehole tests and drilling management can be solved.

Source: IF TechnologyRoss Offshore DK