Early exploration work starts for Socompa geothermal project in Argentina

Geological studies at Socompa volcano, Salta, Argentina (source: SEGEMAR)
Alexander Richter 9 Jan 2018

Argentina's geological mining service SEGEMAR will shortly start early exploration work for the Socompa volcanic geothermal project in the province of Salta in Argentina.

Argentina’s geological mining service Segemar plans to begin exploration operations for the Socompa Volcanic Geothermal Project, later this month, as reported locally.

During the second half of January, exploration operations will begin, within the framework of commitments made by SEGEMAR with the Energy and Mining Resources (REMSA) of the province of Salta. The work will consist in extending the geophysical prospecting grids in detail, using Magneto Telluric technology. With the objectives of discovering geo-electrical anomalies associated with shallow aquifers, roofs of deep reservoirs of fluids, deep structures that control the geothermal system, the goal is to locate  chamber and magmatic plumes of the volcano, as heat sources of the potential geothermal field at significant depths, which will define the sites for thermal water sampling,

In the next step, a team of geochemists specialized in the analysis of geothermal fluids from the Istituto di Geoscienze e Georisorse (IGG) of the Consiglio Nazionale  delle Ricerche of Italy will come to Argentina. Last year, SEGEMAR signed a scientific collaboration agreement with this prestigious institution that has specialized laboratories in the geothermal exploration geochemistry subject of recognized trajectory in the world. The Istituto professionals in charge of the renowned geologist Dr. Matteo Lelli, will also develop geochemical studies in the Geothermal Exploration Project of the SE Basin of Tucumán – Termas de Río Hondo, Santiago del Estero.