Eavor’s innovative closed-loop geothermal power generation

Eavor, company website (snapshot)
Alexander Richter 19 Nov 2018

Canadian technology startup Eavor is proposing its innovative closed-loop geothermal power system and has shared an informative video introducing its technology.

Canadian technology startup Eavor (TM), pronounced “ever” is working on technology that could revolutionise utilising geothermal energy.

Based out of Alberta/ Canada, the company pushes new innovative technology that would utilise geothermal energy through an innovative closed-loop geothermal power system. The company’s vision is to provide humanity with the power to grow, create, invent & evolve.

The company shares details on this “world’s first clean, carbon-neutral, scalable, baseload power solution – Eavor-Loop™.” via this newly released video.

How Eavor Works from Eavor on Vimeo.