EDC celebrating 40 years of reliable delivery of geothermal power in the Philippines

Bacon-Manito geothermal power plant, Philippines (source: First Gen Corp.)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 8 Mar 2016

Energy Development Company (EDC) is celebrating 40 years of delivering reliable geothermal power in the Philippines.

This month, the Philippines’s Energy Development Company (EDC) is celebrating 40 years of delivering clean, renewable and reliable geothermal power to the Philippines.

EDC is the Philippines’ largest purely renewable company with 1,455MW of total installed capacity composed of 1,169 MW of geothermal, 150 MW of wind power, 132 MW of hydro power, and 4MW of solar power in its portfolio. It is the world’s largest vertically integrated renewable power producer and is the acknowledged global leader in wet steamfield technology.

“Negros Island is blessed to have a vast source of geothermal power, which EDC has been sustainably harnessing since 1983,” said Ricky A. Carandang, EDC’s Head for Corporate Affairs. Its 222.5 MW geothermal power plants include the 172.5 MW Palinpinon 1 & 2 power plants being operated by its subsidiary, Green Core Geothermal, Inc. (GCGI) and its 49.4 MW Nasulo power plant.

“Because Negros generates geothermal power, we were able to avoid 54 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from coal or about 26 million tons of CO2 versus oil from 1983-2015.”

“With the growing demand for lower CO2 emissions to fight climate change as a result of the COP21 conference in Paris last year, we need to switch to more sources renewable energy (RE) to boost our growing economy. Unlike other types of RE like wind and solar, geothermal provides round-the-clock or base load and stable power to the region. You have this natural wonder that is clean, abundant, reliable, and sustainable right in your own province.”

Source: Negros Chronicle