EDC reactivates Unit 2 of Malitbog geothermal plant

Southern Negros geothermal plant, Negros Oriental, Philippines (source: Mike Gonzalez, creative commons BY-SA 3.0)
Alexander Richter 29 Oct 2016

EDC has finished repairs and recommissioned the 77 MW Unit 2 of the Malitbog geothermal power plant in Southern Leyte, Philippines.

The Philippines-based Energy Development Corp. (EDC) has reported that it reactivated the second unit of its Malitbog geothermal power plant in Southern Leyte.

The company has finished repairs and commissioning work on the 77 MW unit of the Malitbog geothermal plant.

The unit tripped on Aug. 17 due to a flashover — or the sudden and rapid spread of fire through the air, caused by the ignition of smoke or fumes from surrounding objects — that occurred inside a high voltage terminal box.

The Malitbog power plant is part of EDC’s unified Leyte geothermal power plants, which include projects in Tongonan, Mahanagdong, Upper Mahiao, among other projects in the province.

Source: Business World Online