EDC with interesting approach to educate local media players

Mt Bulusan, Philippines (source: flickr/ agapbulusan, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 3 Jun 2014

Nearly 30 members of print and media have attended a 3 day camp, Media Energy Camp, instructing them in geothermal energy, environment, disaster-preparedness and survival.

As stated by local news, this is the 11th edition of a summer camp series originally designed to provide a productive, educational and enjoyable activity for the youth living in the company’s host communities who usually do not have access to these activities that has now been turned around as the Media Energy Camp.

“Our aim is to provide the same experiential learning environment to the Negros media who have been covering EDC and the Energy Camp all these years,” a spokesman said in the article.

While learning about the importance and benefits of geothermal energy and environmental protection, the media eCampers engaged in survival training and other physical activities.

Source: Sun Star Website