El Salvador plans with 40% power from geothermal by 2019

Berlin geothermal power plant of La Geo in El Salvador (source: Enex)
Alexander Richter 7 Apr 2016

The country of El Salvador is planning to increase the percentage of geothermal power generation from today 25% to 40% by 2019.

The government of El Salvador has announced its firm commitment to diversify the country’s energy matrix.  “There is a firm commitment, in particular power generation itself, because that is what will allow us to have solid pillars for our country’s industrialization,” said the secretary of communications for the President, Eugenio Chicas earlier this week..

Energy diversification is the adoption of a set of actions and alternatives oriented use of the various options for power generation, both renewable and non-renewable. The official said that one of the government’s expectations, is that the commitment to these actions will result in “more jobs, more development, more economic opportunities.”

According to the figures, the country itself is generating geothermal energy – representing today around 25% of the energy consumed daily, and between the projections of the Salvadoran Government is bringing this production up to 40%.

“The expectation is that the end of the mandate we depend 40% of geothermal energy; but also to grow even more in hydroelectric power that is. That is why this government is betting for many years, for decades we see a new hydroelectric dam “Chicas said.

This diversification of energy matrix is ??part of the changes in economic driving this government, and in the opinion of the Secretary of Communications is critical, considering that despite the positive numbers that closed last 2015, El Salvador remains the country less grows.


Source: Nodaltec