ElectraTherm ships 2nd micro-geothermal power generator for project in Japan

Power+ unit of Electratherm on site in Beppu, Japan (source: Electratherm)
Alexander Richter 13 Nov 2017

ElectraTherm ships second Power+ generator, a small-scale power unit for a geothermal project in Japan.

As reported today by Reno, Nevada-based ElectraTherm, the company has shipped a Power+ Generator® to the site of a geothermal project in Japan. This is the second Power+ Generator in Japan utilizing geothermal heat to generate fuel-free, emission-free electricity. The Power+ runs off low-temperature geothermal steam, and the power generated is sold to the local utility at an attractive feed-in-tariff rate for renewables.

“There is a great potential for these micro-geothermal sites across Japan and we look forward to each unit we deliver progressing the market further,” said John Fox.

“Japan offers an attractive feed-in-tariff rate for geothermal at 40 Yen/kW (~$.33/kW), which makes these base-load renewable energy projects attractive.”ElectraTherm utilizes Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and proprietary technologies to generate 65kWe gross of electricity at this site.

The Power+ Generator captures low-temperature heat at 116?C and 45.4 m3/hr flow rate. Unlike other renewable sources, geothermal heat is base-load, providing a continuous hot water flow with power generation capabilities 24/7. Hot geothermal water is the fuel used to create a high-pressure vapor that expands through ElectraTherm’s twin screw power block, spinning an electric generator to produce clean electricity.

ElectraTherm’s Power+ Generators utilize waste heat on applications such as internal combustion engines, biomass boilers, incinerators, geothermal and also flare to power methane utilization at wastewater treatment plants and oil & gas fields. ElectraTherm’s Power+ fleet of 50+ global installations has exceeded 760,000 hours of run time.  A list of reference sites is currently available on the website.

Source: Company release