Enel serves around 2.5 million households with geothermal power in Italy

Bagnore 3 plant, Tuscany, Italy (source: Enel Green Power)
Alexander Richter 8 Jan 2018

With 34 geothermal plants in Tuscany/ Italy, Enel provides up to 2.5 million households in the region with geothermal power.

A recent article on the website of the Shared Value Initiative, draws a rather enlightening picture of Enel and its geothermal operations in Italy.

Through its Global Renewable Energies division, Enel, the world leading integrated geothermal operator operates 34 geothermal plants in Tuscany in Italy. The net installed power generation capacity of the plants is 761 MW, providing emission-free electricity to about 2.5 million households.

The use of geothermal energy in the region around the plants is an extraordinary driver for local socio-economic development that is constantly strengthening and expanding while creating additional value for Enel and its stakeholders. In fact, 6.1 billion KWh produced in Tuscany are meeting over 30% of the regional electricity needs and providing heat to:

  • 10,000 residential users;
  • local companies in geothermal areas – approximately 30 hectares of greenhouses and dairies;
  • agricultural supply chain and food industry

The contribution of the geothermal energy to the economic development of the area is also reinforced by strategic partnerships with universities and local enterprises that can start activities benefiting from know-how and logistics that already exist and is applied for construction and maintenance of thermoelectric power plants’ components, steam generators and other geothermal equipment. Enel’s support for business growth gives the local companies an opportunity to participate in international tenders and work for Enel power plants in various parts of the world.

In its article Shared Value Initiative shares a few more details on Enel’s activities related to geothermal in the region. See link below.

Source: Shared Value Initiative