Energy Development Corp. (EDC) eyes geothermal investment in Taiwan

Mountain view over Taipei, Taiwan (source: flickr/ Connie Ma, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 22 May 2019

Philippine-based Energy Development Corporation has secured a geothermal service concession for exploration in Taiwan, now exploring next steps with potential partners locally.

Philippines-based Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has been targeting international development, among others in South America and Indonesia. It is now reported that the company is targeting investments into geothermal development in Taiwan.

As reported the company has a geothermal service concession for exploration in Taiwan working with proponents and a number of local players, so EDC Board Director Francis Giles B. Puno as reportec by the Manila Bulletin.

With its geothermal expertise, EDC seems to be an interesting partner for local utilities. Now the target is to ensure that the prospects would be commercially viable.

The company is working in the geothermal sector globally – primarily in the provision of exploration and drilling services in key markets like Kenya and Japan.

“We’re doing drilling operations in Japan, we’re doing drilling operations even in Africa in Kenya – in services, we’re in a way gaining the experience,” Puno stressed.

He further qualified “we’re always in the international arena – we’ve not focused on areas where we feel we don’t have competitive advantage. Our competitive advantage is in geothermal, so that’s where we choose to play in the international arena.”

Source: Manila Bulletin