EU provides financial support for geothermal development on Dominica

Dominica, Caribbean (source: flickr/ boshamite, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 4 Jan 2018

As part of a larger support package, the EU provides financial assistance to Dominica for legal framework for the development of geothermal energy and help promote geothermal investments.

As part of a larger support package for the Caribbean, the European Union is providing assistance of EUR 8.9 million ($10.5 million) to Dominica to help rebuild the country’s water infrastructure and also to push towards geothermal energy production.

The intervention is primarily aimed at supporting the government in repairing the country’s basic water infrastructure. It also aims at replacing the previous system with a more resilient one – which has been referred to as, build back better. The programme will also focus on increasing the number of total water connections by 800.

As for the support to the development of geothermal energy, the EU is assisting the government in establishing a legal framework for the development of geothermal energy and technology. A unit will also be set up to promote geothermal investments, ensure the efficient use of the geothermal resources, and to monitor all safety issues relating to the operation of geothermal plants.

Source: St. Lucia News Online