EU report on the supply chain of renewables looks at the geothermal sector in Europe

Turbine supplier market share by installed capacity (MW) pre 2012 and new additions after 2012 (source: Report)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 7 Dec 2017

A new report on the supply chain of three renewable energy technologies, including geothermal has been released by the EU Commission. The report provides some great insight on the geothermal supply chain separately for power production, direct use, and ground source heat pumps.

Europe has the ambition to become the world leader in renewable energy, which its sees entailing both both electricity generation and development of renewable energy technologies. The EU sees technological leadership requiring a strong and stable industrial sector to sustain deployment targets and R&D effort. So this report just released by the EU Commission provides an overview of the supply chains of three renewable energy technologies: wind, geothermal and ocean energy.

Report: “Supply chain of renewable energy technologies in Europe – An analysis for wind, geothermal and ocean energy

In particular, the report focuses on the current market for renewable energy technologies and components and the position of EU companies and organisations as well as the EU’s strengths and weaknesses. The main EU companies and competitors from outside the EU for each part of the supply chain or market segment are also presented.

The report describes the geothermal supply chain in three parts: planning, installation, and operation & maintenance. In addition to those core sectors,
upstream production of components and materials also takes place. The report details the geothermal energy supply chain separately for power production, direct use, and ground source heat pumps.

Looking at the geothermal power sector, the share of power turbines and other parts of the supply chain is analysed and examples given in the international context. It looks at the number of companies active in the relevant sector of geothermal energy is shown.

The document is available here (pdf).

Authors: Magagna, Davide; Shortall, Ruth; Telsnig, Thomas; Uihlein, Andreas; Vázquez Hernández, Cristina

Source: EU Science Hub