European investors propose $445m geothermal project in Argentina

Los Altares, Chubut, Argentina (source: flickr/ Lisandro M. Enrique)
Alexander Richter 2 Mar 2016

A European Investment group is exploring a possible $445m geothermal project in Chubut, Argentina.

A European investment group is considering the development of a EUR 400 ($445 million) geothermal project in the province of Chubut in Argentina.

This was reported locally, following a visit by company Bio Green with the local governor and authorities in the province. Representatives of the company highlighted their strong interest in the development of a geothermal power project.

With a total possible investment volume of EUR 400m ($445m) a project of this kind would take up to 10 years to develop and require some extensive feasibility work and the development of a pilot project within the next 30-40 months before it can be developed to the planned scope.

We will try to seek more information on the possible project and report back here on ThinkGeoEnergy and PiensaGeotermia.

Source: Provincia del Chubut, Diario Jornada