Event: Review of Chilean geothermal activities, Nov. 11, 2014, Santiago

The city of Antofagasta, Chile (source: flickr/Bracani....Antonio, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 6 Nov 2014

The Geothermal Council, an association that brings together various companies, alongside with the Chilean Association of Renewable Energies ACERA, is organizing a small event to discuss the current situation of geothermal energy in Chile.

Next Tuesday, November 11 , the Chilean Geothermal Council with ACERA (Chilean Association for Renewable Energy), offer a breakfast briefing to the press; in order to review the situation that is currently going through the Geothermal in the country.

The appointment will be at 08:30 hours at the offices of Andean Energy, located in Cerro El Plomo 5630, piso 14, Las Condes, Santiago.

Further information and RSVP in the mail:

Source: Terra