Exploration could start this spring for Canadian project

Terrace, BC, Canada (source: flickr/ Sam Beebe, Ecotrust, creative commons)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 26 Mar 2014

The newly announced project for Terrace, British Columbia, could start first exploration work this spring. The project looks at the development of a 15 MW power plant with additional direct use applications attached. Iis developed by Borealis GeoPower, Enbridge and Ktiselas First Nation.

Reported here before, Canadian geothermal company Borealis GeoPower, in tandem with Enbridge and a local First Nation, is developing a 15 MW geothermal power project near Terrace, British Columbia.

The developer believes that the exploration program could take up to a year and hopes to start it this spring. They expect to go ahead in three phases.

The first is “a series of biochemical analyses, data gathering, modelling, some work that doesn’t require much in the way of surface impact,” he said. The process then moves onto a series of slim-hole drilling initiatives, and if that proves viable, the third phase would be the drilling of a small number of production wells “to determine in full detail the carrying capacity of the resource and its ability to support what we’ve initially targeted as a 15 mega watt geothermal power plant.”

Through the size it could be open to the Standing Offer program of BC Hydro the provinces utility company. The project also looks into direct use applications with thermal use for commercial and industrial purposes, e.g. for greenhouses etc.

Following the exploration phase, the company will still have to go through with an environmental assessment, so local news.

Source: Terrace Standard