Family geothermal roadtrip update: Idaho & Nevada

Picture from the roadtrip in Idaho and Nevada (source: Nicolas Reyes)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 9 Nov 2017

On the first stretch of their long geothermal roadtrip, Nicolas Reyes and his family have concluded their tour through Idaho and Nevada visiting geothermal sites and plants.

Earlier this fall, we reported on the great family road trip by Nicolas Reyes and his family. He has now shared his first post via LinkedIn.

October has ended. We’ve covered 10 different geothermal exploitation projects. One in Idaho and nine of them in Nevada. Diverse technologies, mainly binary, some flash and an onion dehydration facility as a bonus! Different companies, different degrees of evolution and successes. A tremendous arsenal of information to characterize the diversity of reservoirs and varied geological and business contexts that make each one a unique case.

There are many lessons and impressions that I have been able to gather from all these operations. All information is currently being assimilated. Wife and kids are learning lots! But I must confess that they are not having fun all the time.

From November on, we will start touring California, including all its geothermal aspects of course and more hot springs between Power Plants to ensure the trip’s sustainability 🙂 Hope to have as much support as for Nevada and be able to gather as much lessons for this new phase.

Deep gratitude to those who opened the doors and allowed us to visit and ask about their projects. Raft River Power Plant in Idaho (US Geothermal); Tuscarora Power Plant (ORMAT); Beowawe Power Plant (Terragen); McGiness Hills Power Plants Complex (ORMAT); Soda Lake Power Plants (CYRQ); Patua Power Plant (CYRQ); Steamboat Power Plants Complex (ORMAT); Brady Power Plant (ORMAT); Blue Mountain Power Plant (AltaRock) and the San Emidio Power Plant (US Geothermal), all of them in Nevada.

Special thanks to ORMAT team. Particularly to Rahm Orenstein, Mario Martinez and Colin Cormier. For facilitating access to their facilities and giving advice and support to the general visits plan. Thanks to Joey Catania from Tuscarora, John Christianssen, Monte Hudson from McGiness Hills and Dawyne Gailord from Brady.

Special thanks to Doug Glaspey, Butch Mayfield and Mark Draggo from U.S. Geothermal. Not only for allowing the visit, but also for sharing their passion and professionalism to successfully carry out their geothermal businesses.

Thanks also to Rich Morrison and Susan Petty from Altarock and Nick Goodman and Monte Morrison from CYRQ.

For pictures, remember to follow us on Instagram. The trip is evolving great, but believe it or not, time is very scarce and we have been extremely busy. Even a little bit stressed!

Source: Nicolas Reyes via LinkedIn