First drilling results promising for geothermal heating project in Geneva, Switzerland

Hot water flows at well drilled in Geneva/ Switzerland, June 2018 (Source: Geothermie2020)
Alexander Richter 12 Jun 2018

First drilling results from the geothermal heating project in Geneva in Switzerland are promising with temperatures of 33 degrees Celsius and 50 l/ s achieved at a depth of 744 meters.

Reported this morning from Switzerland, the first phase of the exploration well, completed as part of the GEothermie 2020 program, confirms the forecasts for the exploration phase for the geothermal heating project in the canton of Geneva. Hot water was found at a depth of 744 meters. The water naturally rises and reaches the Earth’s surface at a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius and a discharge rate of more than 50 liters per second.

The pilot project, managed by the canton of Geneva, was implemented as part of the GEothermie 2020 program by the Industrial Works of Geneva (SIG). The plan was that the theoretical data compiled in seismic campaigns since 2014 should be confirmed with the exploration. And it was to check that the targeted geological strata and faults are at the positions predicted by the model and that the water temperature and the discharge are in an interesting range. This first goal was fully achieved and even surpassed expectations for water temperature and runoff.
strong>Of course, water rises to the surface

The water naturally rises to the surface due to pressure with a flow rate greater than 50 liters per second.” These initial results are promising and allow the canton of Geneva to implement its energy transition, in particular thanks to renewable heat,” says Antonio Hodgers, the State Councilor responsible for the Département du Territoire (DT).”We aim to cover 20% of our canton’s heating requirements with geothermal energy by 2035.”

Satigny’s drilling has enabled SIG, the University of Geneva and the mid-level geothermal companies in the region to broaden their skills. Instead of drilling at 650 meters as planned, it was drilled to a depth of 744 meters to gather additional information. The drilling the canton of Geneva serve as a reference in the preparation of the regulations that will accompany the law on the use of natural resources. The law aims at a sustainable and controlled development of geothermal energy.

Further drilling

The results of the drilling of Satigny will now be analyzed in detail and as many lessons learned as possible before further exploration drilling is performed. In addition, the GEothermie 2020 program will continue its work with new seismic investigations. These will be implemented between Jura and Salève on both sides of the national border in 2018 and 2019 and in consultation with the French authorities.

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Source: EE News (in German), EE News (in French), Geothermie2020