Fleeing freezy winter buffaloes bath in hot springs in Eastern Turkey

Bathing buffaloes, Nemrut/ Turkey (source: Hurriyet Daily News/ screenshot)
Alexander Richter 30 Jan 2019

Bathing buffaloes in Turkey making the news this week. With freezing temperatures buffaloes and local people are enjoying a bath in natural hot springs with great impact on the wellbeing of people and animals.

What a great story by the Associated Press. We have been reporting about the bathing apes in Japan, but this story talks about buffaloes in the East of Turkey that use hot springs to warm up in the freezing winter weather in the region.

The residents of a local village walk hundres of buffaloes over roads to the geothermal springs near a dormant volcano called Nemrut, site of a geothermal project.

The hot springs are not only welcome for humans but have – so the article a great impact on health and well-being of the buffaloes.

Source: Hurriyet Daily News,  More pictures via This is Money