Game-changing Newberry project starts stimulation efforts

Project site at Newberry, Oregon on October 20, 2012 (source: AltaRock)
Alexander Richter Alexander Richter 22 Oct 2012

Pumps are running at the Newberry EGS project of AltaRock Energy in Oregon, U.S. and thereby starting a game-changing project that will help put EGS technology on the map for conventional and future EGS projects worldwide.

Following years of preparation, the Newberry EGS project in Oregon has just announced the start of its stimulation work. It is quite exciting to see the start of this game-changing project for the industry and the impact it will have for EGS and potentially other stimulation efforts for conventional geothermal projects. One can follow the project and its efforts via the project’s blog site at

The project has recently faced again a variety of different news headline, which the company answers in detail on the blog … among them the fact it is not drilling into a volcano and that the company uses hydroshearing for its stimulation efforts, which exposes way less surface pressure than fracking being opposed in the oil & gas industry.  More on that here.

The company now has started its pumps after a few days delay. They have been on “continuously for two days and (we) have worked our way up to 1,600 psi well head pressure.”

We will follow the progress on the project site and hope to also get an interview with Susan Petty of AltaRock in the coming days.