Geoop and Gate 21 to explore use of geothermal energy for Greater Copenhagen

Winter view in Copenhagen, Denmark (source: flickr/ Kristoffer Trolle, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 17 Apr 2019

Gate 21, a local partnership of municipalities and utilities, and Geoop, a geothermal developer, are joining forces exploring the use of geothermal energy for Greater Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Reported already late last month, Geothermal Operating Company (Geoop) and Gate 21 will together focus on geothermal in Greater Copenhagen in Demark.

Gate 21 can introduces Geothermal Operator (Geoop) as a partner. The purpose is to produce green heat for consumers at a competitive price. This entails, among other things, that Geoop takes the investigation risk.

Gate 21 is a partnership between regions, municipalities, companies and knowledge institutions in Greater Copenhagen/ Denmark, working for the common goal of accelerating the green transition and growth.

Geoop is a professional operator who plans and establishes geothermal plants together with and for utilities.  Geoop was founded in 2016 and behind the company is E.ON, Iceland Drilling and Ross DK.

There is a great potential for geothermal energy in Greater Copenhagen, and there is a broad consensus that geothermal energy will play a role in the green heat supply of the future. Geoop and Gate 21 will, in partnership, disseminate practical knowledge and break down the myths about geothermal behavior among stakeholders across the Gate 21 partnership, including contributing to the organizational, financial and technical considerations that a utility needs.

“We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with Gate 21 and its network, where we can contribute knowledge about the integration of geothermal and heat pumps into future district heating projects,” says Lars Andersen, Managing Director of Geoop. He continues: “Gate 21 and Energy at the Cross-collaboration have shown the way by looking at the benefits of considering the energy system as a whole, and not least in order to show the consumers the benefits of introducing green initiatives.”

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