Geothermal developer KS Orka reports a 100 MW capacity under well head in Indonesia

KS Orka drilling crew, Indonesia (source: KS Orka)
Alexander Richter 6 May 2018

Developer KS Orka reports having just completed the spud-in of its 20th well drilled for its geothermal projects in Indonesia, with now 100 MW in capacity under wellhead.

Geothermal developer KS Orka reports having reached 100 MW of capacity under wellhead having just finished rilling its 20th well. The company is developing three geothermal power projects in Indonesia with an total reservoir capacity of 380 MW.

The project teams have been drilling with three drilling rigs and just recently proceeded with the Spud-In of the 20th well.

The total power under well head based on three step utilisation, i.e. expander, ORC high and ORC low, has now reached the 100 MW level. The first units are already in the commissioning phase and is expected to come online soon.

Source: KS Orka