Geothermal development moving ahead in Nicaragua

Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua (source: flickr/ lil'latvian, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 24 Aug 2016

Geothermal development is moving ahead in Nicaragua and there are hopes the country can utilise its potential of around 2,000 MW.

Nicaragua continues to leverage its high potential for geothermal generation thanks to the advancement of public private investment and attractive legal framework promoted by the country’s government.

The geothermal energy potential of Nicaragua is estimated to exceed 2,000 MW, which is the third highest in Latin America.

We reported earlier this month about the progress by private player Polaris Energy at its San Jacinto-Tizate plant and recent drilling program.

The results of a recently concluded drilling campaign provided great optimism and the company plans to explore new geothermal wells in the second half of this year. In late July, Polaris completed the third and final stage of drilling a new exploration of geothermal wells in the San Jacinto project.

The findings have great expectations of potential increase in capacity of geothermal. Marc Murnaghan, President of Polaris, said “steam flows Plant San Jacinto-Tizate are strong and sustainable we believe that we shall see tangible results of the drilling program as we continue progressing as planned.”

Source: XXI Energia Limpia