Geothermal drilling rig count up in the U.S.

Alexander Richter 26 Jul 2009

According to a recent rig count by Baker Hughes in the U.S., general drilling activity for oil, gas and thermal still represents only 50% of last years, but geothermal drilling is up 20%.

In its regular rig count by Baker & Hughes for the U.S., the company provides an update on the drilling activities for oil and gas rigs, as well as geothermal.

According to the data, the current rig count still represents only 50% of the 1,957 rigs activie 12 months ago.

But the count for geothermal rigs is up and this might be a positive sign, … even though it is marginal. The count is up from 9 rigs active 12 months ago to 11 active today.

Baker & Hughes maintains a fantastic website that I just now came across, which provides an overview on drilling rigs active in the U.S. and internationally, as well as an interactive map with location data for thos rigs.

Baker Hughes: Rigs Count Data (complete overview and data sheets)

Baker Hughes: Rigs Count Interactive Map

It should be interesting building a more detailed overview on geothermal drilling rigs in the next coming months.

Source: CNN Money, Star-Telegram, Baker Hughes Rig Counts