Geothermal energy could power four islands of Calayan in Philippines

Calayan, Philippines (Source: Flickr, CC, By: jojo nicdao)
Francisco Rojas 20 Apr 2016

Two of the four islands of Calayan are powered by diesel generator while the other two lack access to electricity. Geothermal energy could solve both of these problems.

More good news from the Philippines, were engineers are currently studying the geothermal potential in Camiguin de Babuyanes in Cagayan.

According to a local newspaper, “Ariel Fronda, chief of the DOE Geothermal Energy Management Division, said a geothermal energy source could give enough energy to the four islands of Calayan town in Cagayan – Calayan, Camiguin, Dalupiri and Babuyan Island.

“Some of our geothermal engineers and experts are now in the island to assess the geothermal energy capacity, a viable solution to the shortage of power supply in the area,” he said.

Only two islands of the town – Calayan proper and Camiguin de Babuyanes – have diesel-powered electricity which operates 10-12 hours daily while the other two islands do not have access to electricity.”

By developing the latent geothermal potential, Calayan could power all of the islands while saving money for said diesel generators and cutting on emissions.

This would be a definitive win-win situation and the initial assessments seem to be very enthusiastic about the possibilities of developing a power plant.

Source: The Manila Times