Geothermal greenhouses to be expanded in Pagoda Springs, Colorado

Event at the Pagoda Springs greenhouses (source: Pagoda Springs Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership)
Alexander Richter 1 Dec 2017

A non-profit group in Pagoda Springs, Colorado has received approval and additional funding to expand their geothermal greenhouses in the city.

Pagoda Springs in Colorado has been looking into expanding the utilisation of hot water from its geothermal spring for quite some time and now things are becoming real.

As reported locally, the Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) is now set to start construction two more growing dome greenhouses — the Community Garden Dome and the Innovation Dome — in spring 2018. These two domes will be installed next to the existing Education Dome in Pagosa Springs’ Centennial Park on a parcel leased from the Town of Pagosa Springs.

The Colorado Water Plan (CWP) Engagement and Innovation Fund granted Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership $174,500 for the construction of the nonprofit organization’s second and third growing domes. These funds, coupled with a $34,000 matching grant from Colorado Garden Foundation awarded last February, allow the GGP to fulfill its agreement to build three geothermal greenhouses.

Further detail via the link below.

Source: Pagoda Daily Post