Geothermal resources confirmed in Dominica

Alexander Richter 10 Mar 2009

A recent geochemical survey confirms geothermal resources in the Caribbean island state of Dominica.

Reported locally, a geochemical survey confirms geothermal resources in this Caribbean island state.

“The results of the geochemical survey conducted by West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd. in the Soufriere region of Dominica, in December 2008, indicate that all of the samples are from geothermal sources. The samples were analyzed at the University of Rochester in the United States.

Further analysis was done at the California State University, San Bernadino, USA. The geochemical survey was done to determine if the gases and waters were of geothermal origin or just rainwater that had been heated by the underlying hot rocks. Sampling was done on gases and waters from the geothermal features in the area including Champaign Bay, Sulfur Springs, and other areas.

The survey was conducted by geologists, Joe LaFleur, Mike Krahmer, and Makeda Warner, along with West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd’s field Managers Paul Toulon and Alan Toussaint.

Kerry McDonald, CEO of West Indies Power (Dominica), stated: “The results of this sampling scientifically proves that there is a geothermal reservoir underlying the Soufriere area. West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd. next step is to locate and drill sites so that it can determine the size and quality of the geothermal reservoir here in Soufriere”.

The geochemical work will be followed by geophysical work all of which will allow West Indies Power Dominica to pin point the sites where it should drill to confirm and evaluate the geothermal resources in the Soufriere region.

West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd – is the operating subsidiary of West Indies Power Holding BV – with responsibility for the exploration, development and operation of the geothermal resources located on the island of Dominica. In July 2008, the Government of Dominica and West Indies Power (Dominica) Ltd signed a Geothermal Resources Exploration and Development Agreement.”

Source: Caribbean Net News