Geothermal second most important source of electricity in New Zealand in 2015

Te Mihi geothermal plant, New Zealand (source: Contact Energy)
Alexander Richter 29 Sep 2016

Geothermal energy is today the second largest source of electricity in New Zealand, as reported in a new annual energy report by the NZ government.

In its annual overview on “Energy in New Zealand 2016″, the country’s Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment, provides a round-up of the energy sector, highlighting key trends in energy supply, transformation, demand and price for the 2015 calendar year.

In 2015, “Renewable energy sources supplied 80.8% of the energy inputs into electricity generation: the highest renewable contribution in 20 years, mainly due to increased geothermal generation.”, so the report.


In New Zealand, geothermal contributes about 56% of total renewable primary energy for the year, and 17% of all electricity generated in the country in 2015, overtaking gas as the second largest source of electricity generation.


Source: NZ Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment