Geothermal seen in key role in Croatia’s three-decade national energy strategy

Old Port Dubrovnik in Croatia (Source: Flickr, CC, By: Dennis Jarvis)
Carlo Cariaga 18 Apr 2019

Croatia is set to implement a three-decade national energy strategy with the goal of increasing renewable energy production to 90 percent by 2050.

Geothermal energy will be one of the critical components behind a three-decade national energy strategy formulated by a local energy think-tank for Croatia’s future energy development. As reported by news agency Reuters, this new strategy will be the basis of energy development until 2050, and is expected to be approved by the government later this quarter.

According to Goran Granic, head of the think-tank, most investments in the previous decade have been for the development of wind farms but solar power production is expected to take the lead in the future.

Geothermal development will continue to receive state incentives due to its higher investments requirements compared to other forms of renewable energy, added Granic.

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Source: Reuters