Graduation at El Salvador Geothermal Diploma Program 2015

2015 Graduation Group of Geothermal Training Program, CNE, El Salvador (source: CNE)
Alexander Richter 15 Nov 2015

The El Salvador Geothermal Training Program recently graduated 30 participants from El Salvador, but also countries such as Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, and Ecuador.

The National Energy Council (CNE), University of El Salvador (UES) and LaGeo, recently completed this year’s “Diploma of Specialisation in Geothermal Energy” program.

The program is aimed at build geothermal capacity on national level in El Salvador but also in the wider region of Central America.  El Salvador has been positioned as a leader in scientific and technical training for the utilisation of geothermal resources in Latin America.

Under the Regional Training Program, geothermal energy sector authorities of El Salvador aim at strengthening the field of geothermal internationally on technological base, scientific research and training.

In this year’s program, 30 participants with backgrounds in engineering, geology, physics and chemistry participated. While the majority of participants came from El Salvador from various public institutions such as Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, University of El Salvador, private companies and other institutions of higher education, there were also a number of international participants from Peru, Mexico, Nicaragua, Colombia, Argentina, and Ecuador.

The training of specialists is a boost for geothermal development by CNE as part of the National Energy Policy of El Salvador. As part of the wider national energy policy of the country, the role of innovation and technological development that demand for the training of professionals with increased knowledge on energy issues is seen as important.

This years’ participants can be found here.